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House Rules

Welcome to, where our community thrives on respectful, insightful, and constructive discussions. Our house rules are designed to foster a safe and engaging environment for all users. Please read these rules carefully, as they outline acceptable and unacceptable content. We may update these rules from time to time, so we encourage you to review them regularly.

We Value Your Opinions

We welcome diverse perspectives and encourage you to share your views. To enrich discussions, we ask that you contribute thoughtfully and explain your opinions, especially if they diverge from others.

Public Forum Awareness

Remember, your comments are public. Strive for clarity to avoid misunderstandings. Others may rate your contributions, and you are legally responsible for them. Consider the impact your words may have on a wide audience of people of varying ages and backgrounds.

Language and Relevance

Politeness is key. Avoid profanity, crude language, or sexually explicit content. Only English comments are allowed. Keep your contributions relevant to the topic at hand and refrain from discussing moderation actions. For site operation discussions, contact us directly at

Reporting Abuse

We rely on our community to maintain high standards. If you encounter a comment that violates our rules or Terms of Use, please use the “Report Abuse” feature responsibly. This tool is for serious violations, not disagreements.

No Libel or Abuse

Your comments should not be defamatory, misleading, threatening, abusive, obscene, or discriminatory. Respect others’ rights and dignity in your discourse.

Confidentiality and Legal Compliance

Respect privacy and confidentiality. Do not share personal or sensitive information without consent. Avoid commenting on ongoing legal matters to prevent contempt of court risks.

No Advertising or Solicitations

Our platform is not for commercial promotions, petitions, campaigns, or investigations. Please refrain from using it for these purposes.

Authenticity and Disclosure

Be yourself; do not impersonate others. If you have a connection to a story, be transparent about it.

Copyright Respect and No Unauthorized Links

Do not share copyrighted material or links to external content without proper authorization.

Commenting Guidelines

While we encourage active participation, we may limit comments per article to maintain quality discussions. Use our message boards for broader debates.


Respect the Community Spirit

Adherence to both the letter and spirit of these rules is expected. Our community’s tone and respectfulness are paramount.


Content Moderation

We reserve the right to remove content that violates our guidelines. Typically, entire comments or threads will be removed to maintain discussion integrity.


Account Suspension and Termination

Violations of these rules may lead to account suspension or ban, depending on the severity and frequency of breaches.

Secure Channels for Sensitive Tips and Minor Protection

While we welcome news tips from all users, we urge those involving minors or sensitive issues to use our secure channels for submission to ensure safety and privacy. If the matter involves a minor in need of immediate help, we strongly recommend visiting, a specialized platform for minors to report crimes and seek assistance. In cases of life-threatening situations, contact the police or appropriate authorities immediately. also provides a wealth of information and contact numbers for various support services related to these issues.

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