Thursday , 7 December 2023

Exposed and Wanted

The “Underworld & Innocence” menu serves as a centralized repository for articles and reports focused on organized criminal activities and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

This section is designed to facilitate the dissemination of investigative findings on a range of topics, from corruption and organized crime to child endangerment and sexual predation.

It aims to provide a comprehensive overview for both our editorial team and readers, ensuring that content related to these critical issues is easily accessible and well-organized.

Exposed and WantedSpain - Éspaña

The Police arrest 121 people in one of the largest operations against child pornography in Spain

In the course of 125 inquiries, an accumulation of 368 hard drives, 114 USB memories, 100 DVDs, 60 computers, and additional computer equipment...

Exposed and Wanted

Every parent’s worst nightmare: a pedophile disguised as a woman kidnaps and sexually abuses a girl

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