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‘Same path as Babri’: Asaduddin Owaisi fearmongers over precedent set by Gyanvapi verdict

A Varanasi Court dismissed a plea challenging the maintainability of the suit filed by five Hindu women seeking rights to worship in Gyanvapi...

X-ray scan to detect key traits of unshelled peanuts

ICRISAT, EZRT scientists now expand the method for other crops as well Continue reading your article with a FrontPage News Subscription Already a Subscriber?...


King wears 10 medals with Field Marshal ceremonial uniform at procession

Charles wore a full day ceremonial uniform with the rank of Field Marshal - carrying a Field Marshal baton presented to him by...


Law Governing Appeals From Commercial Arbitration Needs Clarification – Arbitration & Dispute Resolution – Canada

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Balzan Prizes honor work in humanities, science

Robert Langer, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, won the biotechnology prize for what the Milan-based Balzan Foundation called pioneering research and advances...


Smc5/6 silences episomal transcription by a three-step function – Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

As a first step towards addressing these questions, we performed a structure-function analysis of Smc5/6 to identify enzymatic activities and structural properties involved...